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We Are Still Here 

90 min   |   

Maori, Arrernte, Samoan, English   



Mia Henry Teirney, Toni Stowers

Mitchell Stanley


Beck Cole, Dena Curtis, Danielle Maclean, Tracey Rigney, Renae Maihi, Chantelle Burgoyne, Mario Gaoa, Miki Magasiva, Tim Worrall, Richard Curtis 

WE ARE STILL HERE is a unique Indigenous feature film that interweaves eight powerful tales to tell a sweeping story of hope and survival.

Through the eyes of eight protagonists, WE ARE STILL HERE traverses 1000 years from past, present, and future to explore stories of kinship, loss, grief, and resilience. But ultimately, it shows the strength of love and hope to overcome shared traumas that Indigenous people from Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific have continued to face.

Te Puru Tioreore Ngatai-Melbourne



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