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Larapinta - Documentary Series

Available on SBS Demand

6x 25min   |   English   | 

Producers Michaela Perske &

Mitchell Stanley 

Director Gary Hamaguchi

Larapinta, known more commonly by it’s Western nameThe Finke River - is the oldest river in the world running through the heart of Central Australia. Stretching over 750km Indigenous clans of Central Australia have relied on the river for food, water, comfort and travel for generations upon generations, and Larapinta's past, present and future is a story about culture, environment, art, climate change, totems, song lines and of course history. 
In this 6 x 30 minute documentary series our series host Talia Liddle, a young Arrente and Luritja woman, travelled through the majestic Central Australian outback along Larapinta, taking viewers on an intimate and engaging journey where she met with people who call Larapinta home, as well as scientists, rangers, Traditional Owners, artists, historians, archaeologists and palaeontologists - all of whom will gave her unique insights and stories of this once mighty river.  

Benedict Stevens and Host Talia Liddle
Two Mile
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