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Servant Or Slave

56min   |   English   | Documentary

Producer  Mitchell Stanley

Director Steven McGregor

Three time AACTA nominated documentary Servant or Slave is an emotional and confronting insight into the history and legacy of the domestic servitude enforced upon Aboriginal girls in Australia, told through the stories of five women. Many thousands of girls were stolen as young children from their parents and placed in institutions, to be trained as servants who could be assimilated into mainstream Australian society
Rita, Violet and the Wenberg sisters endured estrangement from their families, immense hardship, rape and even torture, and were coerced into remaining silent or even punished for reporting mistreatment to the local police or institutional authorities. With the government exercising complete control over their wages, many Aboriginal girls and boys were effectively condemned to a treadmill of abuse, from which there was little hope of escape.

Servant or Slave

SBS Demand / Amazon Prime

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